August 20, 2009

All Alone

So here I am enjoying my nice quite afternoon. Trenton just got on the bus, hubby is at work and I am here all alone! I have to admit kind of nice. I thought I would take a quite afternoon and just chill (its also really hot today and i don't want to go outside) before my school starts and I am sure that life will be crazy with work, school and life. I just wanted to share my joy today.

May 12, 2009

Beware: goobyness

Ok so I am going to be gooby for a minute, I am not always like this but I am gonna. I just want Lee to know how grateful I am for him and how much I love him. He is a good hubby and daddy. We hate that he is still in Utah we miss him so much and cannot wait til he is able to move down. We have had some pretty rocky times but I am glad we made it thru and he stuck by me. I know hard to believe me a brat when I am practically perfect. T and I just want Lee to know he rocks and WE LOVE HIM LOTS!!!!

Easter..A Little Belated

So its totally late but finally got Trenton's Easter outfit and he finally wore it. Uncle Danny was so nice he wanted to buy the outfit for T. We sure love uncle Danny. I swear this kid is the cutest of course he can never smile normal.

My Utah Girls!!

Before I left Utah some girls from planned a farewell dinner for me and Deb that was leaving too. I love these gals and sure will miss them. Loretta, me, Yvonne and Debbie.

Happy Bday to Mana

In March we went to California with the Danny Hansen family to celebrate my cousin Amanda's 30 Bday. We had alot of fun hanging out with everyone at the pool. For Mana bday i gave her this picture. (how perfect is the frame!!!!) We had this picture taken of us one summer that we spent together. I do not remember what year but Ialways loved this picture of us. People thought we were twins. I love mana with all my heart she is my favorite. I wish we were closer so we could spend more time together!! thanks for letting us spend your special day with you!!!

This is us now. We tried to pose just like the pictures a little different.

March 23, 2009

We are moving back to Arizona!

Well it is official we are moving back to Arizona in April! We moved out of our apartment last Saturday and are staying with Uncle Danny and Dee (which we love so much) until Trenton and I move down mid-April. We just had many things happen that lead us to move back to AZ. Once we made that decision and I put my notice into my job what a weight that has been lifted. I am glad to be a mom again and not have to work so much. I know now what a toll is was taking on me and my family. I hope to start school this summer if not then for sure by the fall!! We are all excited to see everyone!!

February 7, 2009

Well believe it or not I did it!!! I completed my first 1/2 marathon. It took all I had from me but I did it!! It was a awesome experience. I def want to do another one to improve on my time! It was fun to have Misty there with me. She finished before me so at the finish Lee, Trenton, Misty, Chris and Annikka were there to cheer me on!!! I never thought I would do it but glad I listened to myself and did it!!!! Thanks to all those that cheered me on!! By they way just remember looking at the picture I did just run a 1/2 marathon so not sure what happend to the beautiful hair! What amazed me too is seeing people with their hair and make up all done. OK whatever I am not there for a fashion statement ya it kills me and I look huge next to Misty she is my running hero! We had a good time in Arizona. It was way too fast, did not get to see hardly any of our friends that we wanted to. WE spent most of the weekend with Lee's family which was fun we have not spent time with them for a long time! We took some long overdue family photos. Which if Cassie would ever get to me I could post them!!!!:) j/k love ya!! I really want to come back down in March and spend more time and just go visiting friends! We sure miss you all!!

December 31, 2008

Ok so you are never going to believe this but I am going to run my first 1/2 marathon in January. I have always wanted to do one but honestly I do not think I had the courage or confidence in myself that I could. So I realized that I will be in Arizona the same weeked and the PF Chang Rock n Roll Marathon. So I am. I know my first one may not be pretty for time wise but I know it will give me the confidence to do other 1/2 marathons. I am pretty determined to do this so I wanted to let you all know cause I will definetly need the support and encouragement!!!!

Happy New Year to All!!!! Trenton and I have been here at my mom's house as always fun but oh so crazy. A co worker texted and to say hi and enjoy my vacation but I am not sure coming to see family is ever really a vacation, it is always to busy doing this. But I love it!!! We had a Great Christmas, a very White Christmas we had so much snow it was crazy but glad every one made to my house safely. We all squished into my house but it good. Hope every one has a good New Year's and one of my many New Years Resoultions is to blog more often. Yes, dont laugh I will try!!!

December 6, 2008

Mason Christmas Picture!!!

So these are are Christmas pictures for this year. I am not doing Christmas cards this year as honestly it went by too fast and with work I just have not had the time. So I thought I would add some pics and this is our card. I know slacker I am. We are all doing good. Lee is still liking his job, he now has glasses which is a new look for him. He loves to go fishing (which he is really sad its too cold to go) and loves to play racketball with his buddies. I am still working for Wentworth as the Wellness Coord. I am thankful for my job for the friends I have made but I am looking forward to not having to work in the future. I miss being at home with Trenton. I am anxious to move back to AZ so I can go to school and work towards my RN it is what I really want to do. Trenton is going thru another growth spurt, we have to buy him more new pants and shoes I cannot keep up. He is always hungry which is new for him. He just seems to be so big. He loves Transformers, Speed Racer, Spider man, Hulk, Batman and what ever else that fights. He is such a boy!! He still is a big daddy's boy but he loves to give us kisses and hugs all the time.
We are really excited this year part of my family, mom, dad, joey, Matt and adre, misty, Chris and annikka are coming to Utah for Christmas. They surprised me I guess i cried hard enough over not going home for Thanksgiving they felt sorry for me so they decided to come. The day of Christmas I am going back to Taylor with the family for a few days to see my other 2 sisters and then coming back! We are planning a trip to Mesa in January for almost a week! We love you all and miss you more than any of you know. These passed six months have been really hard on Lee and I and we realized how much we miss our family and can't wait to be with you all!!! Love you all!!!

We did not do anything fancy this year for our pictures but I still like them.

T is so dang cute!

Trenton is really excited for Christmas this year. He is really excited about Santa and understands it this year. This morning he ran outside looked up in the sky and said "Nope did not come yet, maybe tomorrow." This picture was taken at Uncle Danny's house. We love to go there and watch football with him.

October 15, 2008

Hello all! Ok so I have a good excuse as to why I have not updated in 2 months. It is true we had problems with our internet went thru a new company blah blah blah.... Anyways here we are. We are doing good here just cold. I was not prepared for the cold, it came too fast. Lee is working alot lately. The market going brings worries but it has also allowed Lee to work alot of OT which has been nice. I am heading off this weekend to San Fransico with my sister Misty. She is running in the Nike Women's Marathon and I am going to go with her and support her. I actually get to run the last 3 miles with her, so that will be cool! Trenton is going to Arizona to spend with my Mom and Dad they are way excited! Not quite as excited as T man is! Love ya all!

Matt's Big Day! T was the Ring Barrier (not sure how to spell) I love this pic cause T looks alot like Matt did when he was young so I guess that could be what T sort of will look like when he grows up! We are exciting about matt's wedding, we Love our new Sis-In-Law Addriana. She is awesome! Unfortuntely our camera died so I did not get any pics of her! They both looked awesome!!! What makes me sad about this pic is I remember when Mattie was as young as T is in this pic!

I just love this pic, my cute little brothers!!!

T was pretty cute during the ceremony. He got a little bored he was tossing the ring pillow around and all of a sudden there goes Matt's ring flying off. Luckily Joey saw it and picked it up. A few minutes later T grabbs himself and says "I gotta go pee" Yes during the ceremony!

Gettin Ready!!

On the way to the wedding!!!

Joey, Matt and Lee flew down to Az for the wedding all in Joey's plane. The kids just wanted to have a pic with uncle Joey. I think he sort of looks like Ice Man!

My favorite Ethan-ator!!!

T Birthday at Grandma and Papa's house in Taylor! Big 4 yrs old

Trenton, Annikka, Aubrey and Emma eating T's fav. hot dogs!

July 25, 2008

Yet again, it takes me two months to post. I don't know why I have problems but I do! (like we did not all know that before) I thought I would just let you all know how we are. We are still surviving here in Utah. Missing our family and friends in AZ more and more. Lee is doing very well with his job. Learning more and more every day. He is happy. I actually got a new position at my job. I am the Wellness Coordinator, in other words I was promoted to the Manager of my unit. I love my new position,but it also brings more stress, more hours and more meetings. It has been good for me, My boss and the other manager and I have became really good friends and we have alot of fun, which makes work better. I figured since we just have Trenton (which hopefully someday that will change) I might as well be working full time until I can get Pregnant. Trenton is doing good. He loves to play with the kids in our neighboorhood and plays all day. He is now riding his bike with no training wheels and is a maniac.He is our sweet boy. I miss you all so much. I wish I was better about keeping in touch with all of you better!

I never get tired of T's favorite Cheesy smile!!!

Lee, T, Uncle Danny and Uncle Dee at the 24th July parade. It was an adventure and fun!

T and the our neighbor kids were outside playing with chalk well they thought it was funny to paint themselves instead of the sidewalk.

This is our neighbor Caden. They thought they were so cool.

T had fun swinging at the Pinata. He hit it and took a leg off.
He thought it was the coolest thing.

We had the Mason Family reunion 4th of July weekend. It was good to see all of Lee's family. Lee and T are playing water balloon toss.

May 29, 2008

At seawold they had this theme, "Here's to the Hero's" having to do with the military. It was extra special cause Uncle Matthew was there with us on a break just getting done with his Boot Camp! Not that he is now in the military it has a different meaning.


This is my fav picture from our Trip!!!

T loves Aunt Misty and Annikka!


California Adventure

Waiting for the Parade to start.

Gotta love that Cheese face

My Cousin Amanda and Josh Drew came with us! I know Minnie was Jealous!!

I hate the Teapots so I sat on the side lines. See uncle Chris and Annikka in the back

Uncle Christ is the Bomb!

Winnie the Pooh Ride

At lunch they had the kids come up, at first T would not do it but then they should him the kazoo and boy he will do anything for a Kazoo!

Uncle Matt & Adrianna. We just love them!

Uncle Joey

We went to Seaworld. We all go to feed the Dolphins. It was cool. T loved it.

Yes i did the unthinkable, I let them bury me. Yes those 2 buckets are exactly what you think they are. They were so mean.

I love this picture that is Joey walking on the beach going surfing.

Annikka and T how cute are they!

Our first day in Cali we spent at the beach the water was pretty cold but the kids loved to run up to it and run back.

February 28, 2008

I just realized I put some of the pics in the wrong order sorry. I swear I will get the hang of this.

Hello everyone! I have had pictures t o post for awhile put I have slacked so I hope you are not overwhelmed with all the new pics. I will try to be better in the future. We are doing well here. It is warming up here, I think the high today is 50 which is awesome and yes I am wearing my flip flops! The snow is melting I can see my front lawn which I have not in months. Trenton is loving that he can ride his bike outside now. I def have Spring fever!! Nothing else exciting to report here. We love and miss you all. Remember to click on the Old Posts at the bottom so you can see all the pictures!

Our cute little cowboys!

There was this play car and Trenton went right over and aired up the tires and put gas in the car. He just knew what to do. I could not believe it. I am telling you just like Uncle Matthew.

He was still scared to sit in the helicopter.